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Through this brief introduction, we intend to help you buy good oranges.
MAIN VARIETIES of the sweet orange are found in three groups: navel, white and sanguine.

NAVEL ORANGES : They are large, seedless, with an intense orange color and a sweet and pleasant flavor. Most important varieties: Washington navel, Lane late, Navelate and Navelina.

WASHINGTON NAVEL: Large fruit, deep orange in color, slightly rough rind, and with a rounded and sometimes flattened shape. Many varieties of oranges are derived from it. Harvesting period: from mid-December to mid-February.

NAVELATE : It comes from a Washington Nável. It presents smaller fruits than the Nável with a soft, smooth rind, rounded with a slightly oval apical area. The pulp is yellow-orange in color, with a fine texture and a high content of low acid juice. Harvesting period: from mid-February to the end of March.

NÁVEL LANE LATE : It comes from a Washington navel. It presents a good size fruit, with a slightly rough rind. The percentage of juice is high. The sugar-acidity ratio is very well balanced, which gives it good organoleptic qualities. Harvest period: From mid-March to mid-May

WHITE ORANGES: Presence of seeds, lack of navel, intense orange juice, absence of bitter taste and ripeness in spring. Most important varieties: Salustiana and Valencia Late. ORANGES

SANGUINAS : They are sold very little.

The orange when it is separated from the tree, stops ripening. Therefore, it is essential to choose the time of harvest to obtain quality oranges. Each variety has its proper time for harvesting

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